Barista Coffee the Costa way

Elevate your business by offering the unique range of Costa Coffee Beans for professionals.


Discover the unique personality at the distinct aromas of our Costa Coffee professional range and offer an exceptional experience.


Thick, long lasting crema

Blending with Robusta brings rich chocolate notes, HIGHER body and intensity, and creates a better, longer lasting crema making OUR coffee more visually appealing.

Mocha Italia Professional Beans

Medium Roast

Our Mocha Italia is the hallmark taste of Costa, created by the Costa brothers in 1971. Only after 112 attempts they were satisfied, the blend was perfect. The unique blend of Arabica and Robusta beans produces a smooth, balanced flavour that cuts through any espresso-based coffee. Our signature profile is toasty, caramelly and nutty - the perfect choice for unique coffee drinkers.


Arabica & Robusta


A secret blend primarily from Central and South America.


Notes of roasted nuts and chocolate with slight smoky aromas and caramel.

Available formats

Beans: 1kg

Roast level & coffee strength

Medium - 8